Michael Bierman

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Professional Biography

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Michael Bierman was the Senior Product Manager for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) at Adobe where he launched SVG within Adobe, helped create a vibrant developer community of early adopters, and provided traditional product management to the SVG Viewer and to Adobe products.

Bierman managed the product life cycle, including feature definition, for the first three releases of Adobe SVG Viewer and developed licensing and distribution strategy for Adobe SVG Viewer, including third party distribution with partners such as RealNetworks establishing an installed base of upward of 166 million seats (38% market penetration) in just over 14 months.

Bierman also drove Adobe’s strategy for incorporating SVG into Adobe’s authoring tools and servers including Illustrator, GoLive and Adobe Graphics Server and was the company's Evangelist for this technology. He has participated in panels at Seybold and Builder.com, FlashForward2000 and XTech 2000 and was awarded the Adobe Customer Briefing Center's Quarterly Top Presenter and Speaker of the Year awards.

Outside of Adobe, Michael Bierman is recognized for helping create an early adopter community to inform and inspire application and content developers by communicating Adobe strategy, delivering announcements, and gathering requirements to establish Adobe's leadership and develop product requirements. In addition, Michael’s team developed Adobe’s developer network (www.adobe.com/svg) including demos, whitepapers, and authoring guides to educate and inspire SVG-technology adoption. These resources have been valuable learning aids and sources for inspiration to many SVG developers.

Before joining Adobe, Bierman spent six years at Sun Microsystems two of those years on the Java marketing team, and two years as a Product Manager at Microtec/Mentor Graphics. He has been recognized with awards by Sun and the Society for Technical Communications for his work in online documentation projects.